Corona CS


The Corona CS allows you to characterize the fixed charge density of your material. The Corona CS injects positive or negative charges into your material in a highly controlled manner. The amount of charge is carefully controlled over time, allowing you to accurately evaluate the fixed charge density (Qf) in your material. Being able to determine the Qf is a key aspect of mitigating electrical losses in solar cells. With the Corona CS, you will be able to improve your solar cell design process and improve the reliability of your simulations.


  • Accurate sample handling and transport
  • Customizable automation (optional)
  • Safe and robust housing
  • Integration with QSSPC-setup possible
  • Turn-key, table-top system
  • Dimensions: 108cm x 48cm x 63cm
  • User-friendly control software included
  • Analysis software (optional)

More info

The Corona CS has been used in various recent scientific studies. To learn more about its application and the results that can be obtained, please refer to the publications below. For detailed product information and customization options and pricing, please contact us.